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Looking at the origins of tea, it appears that China has been a big part of the birth of this cult. From the ceremonies that takeplace at the Japanese tea gatheringto the smuggling in the 18thcentury, the journey of this beverage is a very long and exciting one. Today, it is considered to be a drink that has surpassed all strata of the society.

It is available on the roadsideas well as in hi-tea parties. The beauty of this drink is such that it satisfies the thirst and brings a feeling of contentment to the soul. We consider ourselves to be a big expert in the tea business because we have researched and read a lot about how drinking tea became a cult. We have spenta lot of time and energy inthe background of this beverage and how it became such a raging success.

We help you decide which flavourwould be ideal and how. We value the history and the journey of the tea. There is a lot from which we can learn and apply to our methods. This could only increase the appreciation we have for tea. Being experts in the origin and the subsequent development, we have studied and tested various flavoursand combinations that would get people not just fond of the beverage but really love and appreciate it.

Drinking tea has become not just something done in passé but a habit. Regular tea drinkers have learnedto appreciate the taste and the aroma in the drink and truly savourthe feeling that is derived after. We are here to help you appreciate your drink in a beautiful way. Tea is not something to fill just your stomach but your senses as well. With every sip, we would like you to feel more alivethan ever.